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EatBeat DeadSpike-san


【What is Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san?】Once upon a time, in the world of BlazBlue, Ragna the Bloodedge's special attack, Dead Spike takes center stage in its own rhythm game.【How to Play】The controls are simple -- tap the screen to the beat, when food passes by. The more Dead Spike-san eats, the more he grows!
【Music】Rebellion II: Ragna the Bloodedge's Battle ThemeBullet Dance II: Noel Vermillion Battle ThemeCatus Carnival II: Taokaka Battle ThemeReppu II: Bang Shishigami Battle ThemeQueen of Rose II: Rachel Alucard Battle ThemeSusano'o II: Hakumen Battle Theme
【Story】One upon a time, in a hierarchical city that shall remain nameless, lived Dead Spike-san and Ragna-san. But Ragna could not defeat his opponents, no matter how hard he would try...
So, Dead Spike-san thought that if he ate a lot of food he would grow stronger, helping Ragna win his battles. And thus, the adventures of Dead Spike-san and Ragna are about to begin.
【Supported OSes】Android 4.0.3*Currently unsupported in both Android 5.0 and 6.0.
【Known Supported Hardware】Nexus 5, SHL25, A02, HTL21, Xperia ZL2, Xperia Z Ultra.
※ Even if the conditions above are met, due to state or memory of the consumer's hardware, the game may not run as intended.
※ Devices not listed may not be able to optimally run the game.
【Official Webpage】Dead Spike-san
【Support】Support Forum
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